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server unconnectable

gdbroccoli\′s Photo
4 Mar 15, 4:11AM
(4 replies)
server unconnectable
your server has been unconnectable for a day. Is it gone? I'd SORELY miss the equation editor? You See: http://www.matematicaeliberaricerca.com/lezioni_pagare/esercizi_svolti/indice_limiti_2.htm Ciao from Italy
gdbroccoli\′s Photo
4 Mar 15, 4:20AM
503 - Service Not Available; http://latex.codecogs.com/gif.download?%5Cint
RogerMc\′s Photo
4 Mar 15, 11:58AM
Hurting me too!

I am a student who uses the site for projects in school.

Help Help, I am falling behind.

Thanks for the very useful service, hope you can restore it soon.

CodeCogs\′s Photo
6 Mar 15, 5:23AM
Thanks for letting us know,

I'm afraid we haven't been monitoring the free service as closely as we should - partly because a few of us were on holiday. The service went back up yesterday. We're still investigating what when wrong and digging through the logs.

However, please note that the free service is more susceptible to failure; since we test all new patches and upgrades on this system first, and the servers are very heavily used for free by the community.

If you are very reliant on this system I would recommend that you switch to one of our academic/commercial cloud service plans: http://www.codecogs.com/latex/licence.php. These are closely monitored by Softlayer (an IBM company), they are faster, and incorporates several layers of redundancy etc.

Best wishes, Will
RogerMc\′s Photo
6 Mar 15, 11:24AM
Thank you Will ... Everything has been working great! I appreciate the service your company provides. Best, Roger
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