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weltonsee4\′s Photo
9 Mar 15, 7:52AM
(1 reply)
I agree it would be good to have a set of multiprecision number theory algorithms that would form the base of all other numerical components on Code Cogs. This would have the advantage of providing an arbitrary number of precision digits in the evaluation of several mathematical functions, at the cost of execution speed.

_____________________________ swe

CodeCogs\′s Photo
9 Mar 15, 8:15AM
We hadn't initially envisaged apply multiprecision number theory to all algorithms on CodeCogs, but its actually a nice ideal.

If for example all the CodeCogs components were templates, then any 'type' could be used, so long as they type implement all the standard mathematical constructs. This way you could use int, float, double, long double, or a new multiprecision type as appropriate. Clearly the latter would be slower but more accurate than the former.

Are there enough people our there to help make this happen. We're happy to freely open up our library and host.
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