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Issue in showing drop down list in chrome when the editor is integrated within project

induvsnairgmailcom\′s Photo
29 Jun 15, 12:41PM
(4 replies)
Issue in showing drop down list in chrome when the editor is integrated within project

when i integrated equation editor with my project, the dropdown list(ie, the item list showing down when cursor is placed over it) disappears when the cursor is moved over it in chrome. So i am not able to select any item from it. But it is working in IE.

Is there any solution for it? Please help
jorx\′s Photo
3 Jul 15, 4:37AM
Same issue here! Please help ASAP
jorx\′s Photo
3 Jul 15, 7:41AM
Okay, seems I found a workaround here:

1) First of all, load eq_editor-lite-17.js from local file.

Make a local copy of http://latex.codecogs.com/eqneditor/js/eq_editor-lite-17.js and edit plugin.js file:

CKEDITOR.scriptLoader.load( [ http+host+'/js/eq_config.js', 'MY_PATH/eq_editor-lite-17.js', ]);

2) Then edit your eq_editor-lite-17.js file.

Change Panel.open function to:

open: function(a) { if (a) { var id = a.id; if (this.timer[id] != '') { clearTimeout(this.timer[id]); this.timer[id] = ''; } this.timer[id] = setTimeout("CCgetId('" + id + "').style.overflow='visible'; CCgetId('" + id + "') .style.position='relative';", 200); }

Hope it helps.
CodeCogs\′s Photo
3 Jul 15, 8:28AM
Thanks Jorx.

We're not experienced this particular problem ourselves, but we've taken your word for it and uploaded your fix. We also a few weeks released a new version of the script, where we've removed a couple of global variables and functions that we're needed. Everything now resides in one of three classes:
  • EqTextArea
  • EqEditor

Further changes to come.

In terms of implementing the new version, you simply have to change the reference in CKEDITOR to use version 17 to 18.
jorx\′s Photo
3 Jul 15, 8:36AM
Great! Thanks for your prompt reply. Seems like you also removed the URL variable, right? This was overwriting the window.URL object and was kind of a problem for us.

Keep up the good work!
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