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How to get hold of "Copy Document" for equation editor in CK editor

niravprajapati\′s Photo
7 Jul 15, 6:20AM
(5 replies)
How to get hold of "Copy Document" for equation editor in CK editor
CK Editor V4.x(plug in 2.2) , Equation editor - documentation states that select "Copy Document" to insert equation.

We are looking to get hold of Latex text instead of image. How do we use copy document function? Is there a configuration to enable it? Example would be great.
niravprajapati\′s Photo
13 Jul 15, 9:04PM
can anyone help answer this?
CodeCogs\′s Photo
14 Jul 15, 2:35AM
Hi. There are a number of example of the subdomain http://latex.codecogs.com

A specific example that addresses your question: http://latex.codecogs.com/eqneditor/samples/example6.php
niravprajapati\′s Photo
14 Jul 15, 6:13AM
http://latex.codecogs.com/ - output produced is image. How can we get latex text?
CodeCogs\′s Photo
16 Jul 15, 2:00AM

In the line:
<p>A text link: <a href="#" onclick="OpenLatexEditor('testbox','html','')">
you change the output format from 'html' to 'latex'. There are actually a large number of predefined outputs, please see http://latex.codecogs.com/eqneditor/editor-api.php#exportEquation.
niravprajapati\′s Photo
16 Jul 15, 12:37PM
That's perfect. We will try it out.
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