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API equation not displaying the gif

mailtofmkhan\′s Photo
13 Sep 15, 9:07AM
(4 replies)
API equation not displaying the gif
Is there any issue in codecoges equation api bcoz it is not displaying the gif image created through api on any website and it is even not displaying it on codecogs website equation editor.Please check bcoz it has blocked the work.Urgent
johann.doringer\′s Photo
14 Sep 15, 2:17AM
The same here. I use it as a CK Editor plugin. Also formulas are not interpreted but shown as markup.
jorx\′s Photo
14 Sep 15, 3:16AM
Same here! Please fix it asap!
will\′s Photo
15 Sep 15, 5:14AM

Thanks for the notification. We've been experiencing prolonged periods of high load on our servers. This morning we upgraded our servers with Softlayer doubling the computing power available. We hope this will address the problem is the short term while we consider ways to better manage the increased loads we are experiencing.

We're also working on a new ultra-fast rendering solution, which we expect to demo soon.

Thank you for your patience.
CodeCogs\′s Photo
15 Sep 15, 6:56AM
A full service has been restored now with enhanced hardware.
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