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siunitx in the online latex editor

c.vonrueti\′s Photo
31 Mar 11, 4:48AM
(1 reply)
siunitx in the online latex editor

I'm a fan of your online latex equation editor and I use it frequently. I would appreciate it, if you could include support for the siunitx package.

Maybe it would be possible, to be able to load custom packages (from a predefined list of course) and make the list of packages available for the interested user. Of course, to make this useful, one would need to be able to customize the part preamble where the imports are made, so one can specify certain options for packages.

http://mirror.switch.ch/ftp/mirror/tex/help/Catalogue/entries/siunitx.html http://mirror.switch.ch/ftp/mirror/tex/macros/latex/contrib/siunitx/siunitx.pdf

thank you

CodeCogs\′s Photo
31 Mar 11, 12:16PM

Thanks for the suggestion. Its a very good idea.

For security we can't allow users to customise the preamble, however we can automatically include additional packages. Generally we add a package when people ask for it and we deem it to be a logical addition.

We'll include the siunitx package in the next main release. What other key packages would people like?
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