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edocsgoc\′s Photo
4 Jul 11, 2:09PM
(1 reply)
I came across this site looking for some code for multivariable optimization. I was wondering if it was possible to download the component / library (which exists on this side, bit I am not able to find any download link). So, my question is: how does this site work? In case, for now, If I just want to download code for my use, can I?? Thanks, hash.
CodeCogs\′s Photo
4 Jul 11, 5:08PM

We have two main types of pages on CodeCogs: Reference pages and Components. The later have code attached. You can see the difference in the browser. Reference pages are shown with a book; Components are shown as a Cog.

Most of our work often starts as a Reference Page and when we or other have time we develop the code behind them. It doesn't appear we that we have any code for multivariable optimisation at the moment.

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