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SWF export... I know I am a pain...

ricardolrcalado\′s Photo
22 Sep 15, 12:03PM
(5 replies)
SWF export... I know I am a pain...
Pleeeeaseeeee fix the export to swf. There is something wrong with it, I am always getting invalid equation.

Thanks in advance.

physics sharq\′s Photo
30 Sep 15, 9:29AM
I second that motion!

I have same result as ricardo

please fix this! it's really the only nice way to get math into prezi -- swf on codecogs is a precious community resource and we need it back!
cosmograph\′s Photo
18 Oct 15, 9:58AM
Same problem here. It would be very useful to have this feature fixed. There seem to have been problems with this in the past and you always managed to get this working again. It'd be great if you managed this again!
CodeCogs\′s Photo
18 Oct 15, 2:26PM
Ok ok..

I'm really sorry this has been switched off for so long. We've been trying to stablise the broader system which has crashed a few times in the last two months. This is now (hopefully) solved.

We'll also be bringing in a new rendering solution soon, which should dramatically improve the speed and quality of all formats, allowing virtually any true type fonts to be used. It would be great to get feed back on the quality of the new equations. The SWF format is likely to take longer to implement, but we'll report back on this thread when we have something ready for testing.

oscar.defelice\′s Photo
22 Jun 16, 8:48AM

I think the same problem is happening again. SWF rendering of equation is not working, and for prezi presentations this is very bad!


oscar.defelice\′s Photo
22 Jun 16, 11:23AM
For prezi user is very important...
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