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Error when display latex

redvelvet\′s Photo
9 Apr 17, 5:27AM
(1 reply)
Error when display latex
I have an question that have been saved in database table named Question. I save a question using latex editor. But when i try to view question using codecogs, then the question not displayed correctly.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://latex.codecogs.com/latexit.js"></script>
<label class="width30Percent">Question</label>>
<div lang="latex"> <?php echo <div class="orangebox">[$]</div>data['Question']['question_text'] ?> </div>

it will be displayed:

29638/capture_1.jpg cannot be found in /users/29638/capture_1.jpg. Please contact the submission author.

Please help
CodeCogs\′s Photo
30 Apr 17, 1:26AM

I wouldn't use latexit for this type of job. Better to submit the equation directly to latex.codecogs.com. So try:

<label class="width30Percent">Question</label>>
  <p><?php echo $data['Question']['question_text'] ?></p>
  <img src="latex.codecogs.com/gif.latex?<?php echo $data['Question']['formula'] ?>

I'm assuming in your database you have some 'question text' and also the latex for a 'formula'.
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