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latex server very slow?

groupboard\′s Photo
21 Apr 17, 10:05AM
(10 replies)
latex server very slow?
In the last few days, the latex.codecogs.com server has been very slow. E.g. try:


It takes about 30 seconds to display. (If you reload it is very quick, presumably because it is cached).
groupboard\′s Photo
21 Apr 17, 7:40PM
Seems ok now.
Sinan İLYAS\′s Photo
26 Apr 17, 3:59AM
isn't it still too slow. it takes a very long time to generate the image.
Paveluz\′s Photo
26 Apr 17, 9:20AM
The latex.codecogs.com server works very slow again. I tried to work with latex.codecogs on another computer, but the situation is similar. This is a temporary phenomenon?
latexuser\′s Photo
27 Apr 17, 10:10AM
It is incredibly slow, to the point of being unusable. Any reaction from Codecogs administration?
groupboard\′s Photo
27 Apr 17, 11:19AM
Yes, it is still very slow.
CodeCogs\′s Photo
30 Apr 17, 1:18AM
All. The recent downtime has been for a couple of reasons:
  1. Softlayer have been making some updates to our servers. Though this downtime was perhaps 3min at most.
  2. We're been testing some new caching algorithm, however these are designed to make the system faster not slower. These changes have been turned off for now, just incase these are causing the problem.
  3. High usage is the most likely problem. And is probably due to certain users exceeding their allowance (currently 3000 equations/day). Following a more details audit over the last month usage a large number of excessive users are likely to be barred.

Ultimately however, please remember that this is a free service around which we test all sort of enhancement. As an example
  • Next week you'll see a new UI design, a simply change to the colours and alignments.
  • Within the next month we'll be releasing a completely rewritten UI, which is both faster to load and very customisable.
  • Also this month we'll be releasing a new backend rendering engine, which in tests is at least 10x faster than the current system.

So if you are very reliant on this platform and you favour reliability over the latest set of test, then please consider upgrading to one of our commercial cloud based packages.

Either way, thanks for your patience Will.
gaitskell\′s Photo
2 May 17, 12:25PM
The LaTeX rendering inside Google Docs has ground to a halt. This uses the Add-On AutoLatex that then links to the codecogs latex render engine.

When do you expect the service to be back to usual level of responsiveness?

(To my knowledge it is not possible to upgrade this very useful Add-On in Google Docs to a cloud-based option?)

Thanks, Rick
poornima\′s Photo
2 May 17, 11:39PM
Hi, the equations response is very slow and either takes 3-5 mins to load or doesn't load itself.Kindly let me know when this issue will get resolved.Do the needful asap
Sinan İLYAS\′s Photo
5 May 17, 8:10AM
First of all, I would like to thank you for letting us use such a great service for free. The issue seems to be solved at the moment. Thanks for taking care of it.
TTsai\′s Photo
8 Dec 17, 12:04AM
The latex server is very slow, though we purchased the license, we are still facing slowness. Can you kindly tell us if we have reached our max daily limit?
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