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30 Apr 17, 1:47AM
Hi Both,

Sorry for the delay in replying we've been really bad at routinely monitoring this forum and messages keep slipping through.

The install issues with fxRender have been something that have plagued us for some time. On most setups its fine, and for unknown reasons it won't work on other. We're also aware of a bug with the licence keys, which mean your installation may not be validating with our servers - this is a complex issue relating to the public-private key encryption and a bug within the microsoft libraries themselves. We've worked around this problem, but haven't release it yet.

On the office 365 front, we won't be able to add this service to the MS app store as something you can use across all the Excel platforms (Mac, Windows, Web), because MS don't allow us access to the formulas within each cell. And these plugins are really just glorified web pages with a simple UI that can access data within cells.

Excel for the Mac can't be support at all; and this is extremely annoying. MS just don't allow us to write plugins for the Mac. However, all other versions of Excel for Windows should be supported.

We'll be making a major push over this month to rectify all the issue and release a new update. If you've licenced our software we will off course give you a very generous extension (i.e. life time use) for your patience. Just let us know when you bought it.

Ultimately, we're sorry for being so slow. But we're a small team and a fabulous array of work, though we have to focus on those project that keep the lights on.

Regards Will.
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