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Problem when entering in an existing latex box...

sarfatio\′s Photo
13 May 17, 11:44AM
(3 replies)
Problem when entering in an existing latex box...
Hi, I recently wanted to change the content of a latex box but while pressing "Ok", the button did not work. I found a solution : to copy and paste the new content in another box and erase the first one. But it's no convenient solution... May this problem be solved by CodeCogs ? Many thanks in advance.
CodeCogs\′s Photo
20 May 17, 6:32AM
Hi, I assume you were using one of the plugins (i.e.g CKEditor). This service has been very busy, and its possible that backend rendering engine was overloaded when you tried to edit the equation in the first instance. Has this problem persisted?
sarfatio\′s Photo
21 May 17, 5:03AM
Thanks for your answer. Yes, the problem persists... It is still impossible to change the content of an existing box. I have to copy and paste it in another newly created box... Do yo know when it will be solved ? Thanks in advance.
CodeCogs\′s Photo
5 Jul 17, 4:29PM
Hi. We've been working on an entirely new editor which we'll be phasing in from this Friday. Hopefully this will address these issues.

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