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dropdown list of functions is not showing

emelyanovmax\′s Photo
9 Jul 17, 9:56PM
(2 replies)
dropdown list of functions is not showing
Hi, I downloaded CKEditor 4.7 with yours plugin and check a sample. I click on icon "fx", the dropdown list(ie, the item list showing down when cursor is placed over it) disappears when the cursor is moved over it. So i am not able to select any item from it. It is happening in Chrome and Firefox latest version. Is there any solution for it? Please help This is a picture http://prntscr.com/fssggh
emelyanovmax\′s Photo
9 Jul 17, 10:20PM
actually buttons example and history don't work too
CodeCogs\′s Photo
10 Jul 17, 2:19PM

Thanks for the heads up. We'll check out the integration with the latest CKEditor and report back.
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