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Equation Editor Not Working

red21\′s Photo
27 Sep 17, 12:39AM
(2 replies)
Equation Editor Not Working
The equation editor doesn't seem to be working for me. Whenever I type something in, I get this message where I could previously see the equation: "This is the rendered form of the equation. You can not edit this directly. Right click will give you the option to save the image, and in most browsers you can drag the image onto your desktop or another program." I have tried right clicking but always get a page that says " This site cant be reached latex.codecogs.com refused to connect."

I have tried the equation editor on various computers as well as in different browsers and still get the same problem. Is is likely this is a temporary problem?
CodeCogs\′s Photo
29 Sep 17, 3:03AM
Yes we have two failures over the last two days. We're still exploring the exact cause of both problems. In the mean time, we're monitoring this service closely.

Thanks for notifying us.

This fault has not affected our commercial (licensed) platforms, so if you are very dependent on these equations for your business, you might want to consider switching onto our commercial platforms.
lizhenjuan\′s Photo
3 Jun 19, 9:27PM
Equation Editor Not Working Once again
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