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Change format to mathml format

Melchi\′s Photo
13 Apr 18, 11:56AM
(2 replies)
Change format to mathml format
Good morning everyone, I am using Equation Editor with CKeditor, I would like to know if some one know how I can get the text in the mathml format. Like this : <math xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML" display="block"> <mfrac> <mrow> <mo>−<!-- --></mo> <mi>b</mi> <mo>±<!-- --></mo> <msqrt> <msup> <mi>b</mi> <mn>2</mn> </msup> <mo>−<!-- --></mo> <mn>4</mn> <mi>a</mi> <mi>c</mi> </msqrt> </mrow> <mrow> <mn>2</mn> <mi>a</mi> </mrow> </mfrac> </math>

Thank you to everyone!
Melchi\′s Photo
15 Apr 18, 5:50PM
Can someone answer to my question please?
Melchi\′s Photo
17 Apr 18, 5:15AM
How can we change the output to mathml format instead of latex format please?
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