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\frac{}{} not work correctly?

sarsman\′s Photo
10 May 19, 8:33AM
(4 replies)
\frac{}{} not work correctly?

I input \frac{K+1}{2} but returned invalid equation

does the editor have any bug or just I input wrongly?
nitin.gupta07860@gmail.com\′s Photo
10 May 19, 8:18PM
Same happening with me
CodeCogs\′s Photo
11 May 19, 5:25AM

We are looking into this.


CodeCogs\′s Photo
11 May 19, 5:55AM
Can you please retest and let us know if there are continued problems.
sarsman\′s Photo
11 May 19, 9:33AM
It's working normally now, thanks!
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