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"!Invalid Equation" displays

Zero Cool\′s Photo
10 May 19, 9:42AM
(4 replies)
"!Invalid Equation" displays
Hello! This issue just started this morning. I write SAT Math questions and solutions for my company's WordPress website and any string of math characters in CodeCogs Equation Editor longer than 2-3 displays and copies "!Invalid Equation" to the site. It has also converted every instance of LaTex I've written for the site to "!Invalid Equation". Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
nitin.gupta07860@gmail.com\′s Photo
10 May 19, 8:18PM
Same happening with me
CodeCogs\′s Photo
11 May 19, 5:57AM
I hope this has been fixed. Please check again and let us know.
Zero Cool\′s Photo
11 May 19, 12:48PM
Working now! Thanks for the prompt fix and following up.
adriaedpuzzle\′s Photo
17 May 19, 4:14AM
Hi Codecogs team,

One of our users has been reporting Invalid equation messages since the 10th of May, and it is still experiencing them as of today. The last equation she was unable to use was:

\left ( 5,-4 \right )

I tested the same equation on my laptop and it worked, but she even provided a screenshot to prove it.

Any ideas of what might be happening?
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