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fxRender v4 beta

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Designed for Microsoft Excel®
on Windows.

fxRender broucher

Major update to be released soon. Use of the current fxRender is no longer recommended.

fxRenderâ„¢ is the leading way to visualise formulas within Microsoft Excel.

Uses include:

  • Document and Audit Excel calculations with beautiful equations that present your calculations in a clear and concise format.
  • Find Errors with a structured view of the variables and values used in formulae.
  • Publish equations to other applications and websites.
  • Convert Excel formulas to mathematical equations for use in your reports.

Example fxRender use. Link to image: <img src="http://www.codecogs.com/img_1"/>

Our Users

fxRender is used across many professional diciplens, for example:

  • in education - students use fxRender to document the project work.
  • in engineering - companies like Amec and Safran use fxRender to document calculations and populate online technical reports.
  • in finance - banks and insurance syndicates (within Lloyds of London) use fxRender to document and audit Excel sheets.