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Use this section to calculate the cost of a licence.

* with 50% discount for personal and academic use.
Flexible LicensingAdd ComputersRemove Computers

Flexible Licensing

Our flexible licence for fxRender allows multiple computers to share one licence.

Each licence is assigned usage time, which is consumed according to the number of computers registered and the type of usage:

  • Personal and Academic use requires 1 unit of Time per machine per year.
  • Commercial (includes Pro Support) use requires 2 units of Time per machine per year.

For example, one unit of fxRender Time allows:

  • Personal use of fxRender on one computer for one year, or
  • Personal use of fxRender on two computers for six months, or
  • Commercial use of fxRender on two computers for three months

You can buy additional fxTime as required and there is no restriction on the number of units you can purchase. Your licence expires as soon the available fxTime reaches zero.

An expired licence is reactived when you buy additional units of fxTime.

If you wish to avoid annual renewals, simply buy several years of licence time now and lock in the benefit of today’s price.

Adding Computers

To license a new computer to use fxRender it must be associated with an active account (with positive fxTime units).

Open Microsoft Excel, switch to the 'fxRender' toolbar, and clicking the 'Licence' button (also available in the menu for Excel 2003). This will take you to a dedicated CodeCogs web-page, where you can enter your CodeCogs account details and buy further time if need be.

When a new computer is added, any remaining units fxTime on the account will be shared across the additional computer(s), reducing the licence term for existing machine automatically.

For example:

  • On the 1st February 2014 you buy 5 units of fxTime and register two computers. The licence term for each computer will be 2.5 years, both expiring on 1st July 2015.
  • After 6 months you add two additional computers. During 6 months, one unit fxTime will have been consumed by the two existing licences, leaving 4 units of fxTime on the account. Across all four computers, they each now have a licence term of 1 year from 1st July 2014, expiring on 1st July 2014.

Removing Computers

Any registered computers can be removed from the licensing scheme after a minimum term of one week. There are two approaches:

  • Open Microsoft Excel, swith to the 'fxRender' toolbar, and click the 'Licence' button. This will take you to a dedicated CodeCogs web-age, where you can remove the current computer from the licence; or
  • Goto CodeCogs - fxRender Management and login. If you are the account manager, you'll be given the option to remove any other computers associated with the account.

When a computer is removed, the licence term of all remaining computers registered to the same account is extended.

Site Licences

A Site Licence is available for large organisations and universities, and is designed to assist with deploying fxRender to many machines. The "Site Licence" is stored centrally on your private network, and this automatically enables compliant copies of fxRender running on any machines connected to this network.

A site licence also enables other benefits, for example:

  • Security - If you work with confidential information, then fxRender can be locked down so there are no external links or communictions with the outside world.
  • Custom Functionality - make fxRender work the way you want, including redesign of the toolbar and integration with your own tools and systems.
  • Language Translation - incorporate your own local language or dialects.

Pro Support

We pride ourselves on making software that is easy to use. We therefore do not expect you will need support on a daily basis, however we recognise that many individuals and organisation, require professional assistance to quickly resolve issues as they arise. Naturally we'll help all users to install fxRender and get started. However, with our commercial licences then we also provide:

  • Technical support: help with integrate fxRender into your workflow and using the fxRender API.
  • User support: help with using any of the fxRender features.
Broadly speaking, so long as it somehow involves fxRender we will try to help you. In all cases, our support is provided via email or skype, with questions usually answered within the same business day.