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Install fxRender v4 beta

Follow these installation to add fxRender to Microsoft Excel:

Step 1 - Download

Step 2 - Installation

Warning: All legitimate software from CodeCogs is signed with a digital certificate issued to Zyba Ltd by Comodo. Do not install any software that has an invalid or missing certificate.
  • Close any running copies of Microsoft Excel.
  • Important: Uninstall any previous versions of fxRender.
  • Locate "fxRender_Setup.exe" (or the appropruate msi fxRender.msi or fxRender_x64.msi) within the download directory.

    Finding your downloads

    • In Chrome and Firefox recent downloads are shown in the status bar along the bottom of the browser. Simply double click the 'fxRender_Setup.exe'
    • In Internet Explorer a white/orange bar will appear from the bottom of the browser with options to 'Run', 'Save' or 'Cancel'. Select 'Run'.
    • Alternatively open the Windows 'File Explorer' program and select the 'Downloads' folder usually in Favorites.
  • Start the Installer by double clicking on fxRender_Setup.exe.

    Security Warning

    Depending upon your security settings and version of Windows. You may see a 'Open File - Security Warning', similar to:

    This is normal and you should accept this if the Publisher is 'Zyba Limited'. Warning: Do not install any software from an unknown publisher.

  • fxRender has been optimally compiled for either 32bit or 64bit versions of Microsoft Excel. The installer will automatically decide which version is right for you based on the available version of Excel on your computer.

    Running fxRender_Setup.exe

    • After you run fxRender_Setup.exe the following panel will open:
    • The 'Install for All Users' options enables all users of the current machine to use fxRender without separately having to install and register it. This option requires Administrative Rights for the computer, and will require an Admin Password if you are not already logged in as the Administrator. If this option is NOT selected, then fxRender is installed to the local applications folder and will only be available to the current users.
    • Before you can start the installation you must accept our licence terms. Please read and save a copy for your records.
    • Select the 'Install' button.
    • In new versions of Windows, a security prompt will appear to independently check that you wish to install our software. Please ensure that the Publisher is 'Zyba Limited' and click 'Yes'. Warning: Do not install any copies of fxRender if it has an invalid or missing security certificate.
    • Installation will then start. Depending on your current system configuration, this installs:
      • .NET 3.5 or 4.0 Frameworks for can take 20 minutes
      • fxRender

    • The final installation page provides you with an option to 'Start Excel', which is essential to complete the installation:

Step 3 - Registration

  • When you start Microsoft Excel after installing fxRender, a new 'CodeCogs' toolbar appears. In Excel 2010 this looks like:
  • NetworkTo activate your copy of fxRender and start the free trial the computer needs to be connected to the Internet. If you see the Network button in the toolbar then fxRender is having difficulty connecting to the network. If your internet connection is working normally (test using Internet Explorer), then select this button to configure your network settings.

    Proxy Configuration

    fxRender needs to be able to connect to the Internet to:

    • Activate and Register the product, which includes download a valid licence key.
    • Generate equations using the our online LaTeX engine, to generate 100% LaTeX compliant output.
    • Connect to our online rendering engine (see CodeCogs Equation Editor) to publish equations online.

    fxRender will try to automatically find an external connection to the Internet. However, for better speed, we recommend you configure the settings according to your network (a chat to your IT department or system administrators might be needed).

    Making Changes

    • You can always make changes to Network Settings by clicking on network which appears under the 'help' drop-down menu on the toolbar. If there is no current network connection you will see a larger button on the toolbar.
    • The default is 'Use IE proxy settings', which typically finds a connection - this leads to slower connection performance, so should be avoided if possible.
    • If you are connected directly to the Internet, then the fastest connection is 'No Proxy'.
    • If you are within a company and you know the name of the 'Proxy server' (ask IT), then 'Manual proxy setting' is best.
    • If your corporate network is configured correctly, then 'Use proxy auto-detection (WPAD Protocol)'. This should automatically find a PAC file with appropriate proxy settings for your location. PAC files are ideal for users who are routinely moving about.
  • RegisterIf you see the Licence button in the toolbar, then fxRender has been activated and you can start using it for the trial period of 15 day. Thereafter you'll need to press this button and register the product.

    The registration button will divert you to a special CodeCogs webpage, where you can securely register you installation of fxRender.

    • If you have a valid licence this button will not appear on the main toolbar, however you can still access this page by going to the 'help' drop-down menu on the toolbar.
    • Within two week of your licence expiring, this button will reappear, to remind you that it needs extending.

Step 4 - Final words

  • If you have followed all the steps above, then fxRender should now be installed and will be available when-ever you start Microsoft Excel. If you have any problem, then please contact us.
  • Please recommend this tool to your friends and colleagues. Email recommendations will earn both you and your recommended friend additional free usage.
  • To gain general help with using each button on the fxRender hover the mouse over the buttons for a few seconds.
  • More comprehensive help is available online from:
  • Above all, enjoy having spreadsheets you can read!

Trouble Shooting

If you are installing fxRender on a machine without Internet access or with a pecular configuration then our standard installer is unlikely to work. Please ensure the additional components (listed below) are available on your system and download from the right the installer suited to your needs.

The following additional components must be installed for fxRender to function:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework:

    Microsoft .NET Framework

    The Microsoft .NET Framework (pronounced dot net) is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. The .NET Framework is intended to be used by most new applications created for the Windows platform.

    It is essential for fxRender to work, as it provides functionality for the user interface, data access, cryptography, numeric algorithms, and network communications.

    The fxRender installer should automatically install this. However, if you need to install this manually, then the follow minimum versions are needed:

  • Excel .NET Programmability Support must be installed to enable Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs) for your version of Excel. If during the original installation of Microsoft Excel this option was deselected or Excel was installed before the .NET Frameworks, then follow these steps:

    Excel .NET Programmability Support

    • Open the Control Panel (Windows Start - Control Panel)
      • If you are in 'Category' view, select 'Programs'
    • Select 'Programs and Features'
    • Find 'Microsoft Office 2010'
    • Right click and select 'Change'
    • Select 'Add or Remove Features':
    • Select the .NET Programmability Support, and enable 'Run from My Computer':

    Alternatively the PIAs can be downloaded and installed from Microsoft:

  • Math Cambria Font (Important if you using Windows XP and Excel 2003)

    Math Cambria Font

    fxRender requires the Microsoft Math Cambria Font to generate mathematical symbols offline. This is standard part of Windows Vista, 7 and 8, and is included with Microsoft Office 2007 and later. On other configuration you may need to install this fix:

  • Installing on Excel 2003

    Installing fxRender for Excel 2003

    Microsoft Excel 2003 has a security feature called CASPOL that requires administrator permissions to change and is required for fxRender to work fully. CASPOL has always been a nightmare for developers, so Microsoft dropped its use in later versions of Excel.

    Thus you can only install fxRender for Excel 2003 if you are an administrator for your machine.


Should you need to uninstall fxRender you can either:

  • From the 'Start Menu', select 'Control Panel'
  • Depending on your view, select either:
    • 'Programs and Features'
    • 'Uninstall a program' under 'Programs'
  • Find the main 'fxRender' package in the list install packages.
  • Right click and select 'Uninstall'.
  • Repeat the above if you have still have over version of fxRender listed.