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Latest Content

The technical libary of numerical code and references with worked examples.


maths/approximation/interpolation CodeCogs
Interpolates a given set of points using cubic spline fitting.
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engineering/fluid_mechanics/orifice CodeCogs
Introduction to orifice
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Pierson Moskowitz

engineering/fluid_mechanics/waves/spectra lloyd
Defines the Pierson Moskowitz spectra in the wave-frequency domain
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fresnel sin

maths/special will
Fresnel sin integral.
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maths/optimization lucian
Calculates the minimum of a one-dimensional real function using Brent's method.
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finance/banking will
Yearly frequency to be used in financial calculations
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finance/banking CodeCogs
Year basis to be used in financial calculations
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engineering/fluid_mechanics/fundamentals lucian
Evaluates the Reynolds number of given parameters.
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