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Measurement units, including imperial and SI units
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Flow Calculator
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unitsto_unit )
Converts flows from one unit to another.

Example 1

#include <iostream>
#include <codecogs/units/convert/flow.h>
using namespace Units::Convert;
int main()
  std::cout << "flow(20.5,unit_m3_sec, unit_ft3_min)=" << flow(20.5,unit_m3_sec, unit_ft3_min);
  return 0;
flow(20.5,unit_m3_sec, unit_ft3_min)= 43437.0400615


numberthe value in from_unit 's to convert
from_unitan enumerated value of the initial flow type
to_unitan emuerated value of the output flow type


the value in the converted unit.
Source Code

Source code is available when you buy a Commercial licence.

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Other Documentation

The standard measurement units are:
Unit names Alternate names / spellings Abbreviation Enumeration Code Conversion Rate (relative to first unit)
Litres/second Liters/second l/s unit_l_s 1
Feet3/hour Foot3/hour cu ft/hr unit_ft3_hr 127.1328002
Feet3/minute Foot3/minute cu ft/min unit_ft3_min 2.118880003
Feet3/second Foot3/second Cu ft/sec unit_ft3_sec 0.035314667
Gallons (UK)/day Gallon (UK)/day gal/da (UK) unit_gal_da_uk 19005.33469
Gallons (UK)/hour Gallon (UK)/hour gal/hr (UK) unit_gal_hr_uk 791.8889455
Gallons (UK)/minute Gallon (UK)/minute gal/min (UK) unit_gal_min_uk 13.19814909
Gallons (UK)/second Gallon (UK)/second gal/sec (UK) unit_gal_sec_uk 0.219969152
Gallons/day Gallon/day gal/da unit_gal_da 22824.46532
Gallons/hour Gallon/hour gal/hr unit_gal_hr 951.0193885
Gallons/minute Gallon/minute gal/min unit_gal_min 15.85032314
Gallons/second Gallon/second gal/sec unit_gal_sec 0.264172052
Litres/day Liters/day l/da unit_l_da 86400
Litres/hour Liters/hour l/hr unit_l_hr 3600
Litres/minute Liters/minute l/min unit_l_min 60
Meters3/day Metres3/day cu m/da unit_m3_da 86.4
Meters3/hour Metres3/hour cu m/hr unit_m3_hr 3.6
Meters3/minute Metres3/minute cu m/min unit_m3_min 0.06
Meters3/second Metres3/second cu m/sec unit_m3_sec 0.001
Ounces (UK)/hour Ounce (UK)/hour oz/hr (UK) unit_oz_hr_uk 126702.2313
Ounces (UK)/minute Ounce (UK)/minute oz/hr (UK) unit_oz_min_uk 2111.703855
Ounces (UK)/second Ounce (UK)/second oz/hr (UK) unit_oz_hr_uk 35.19506424
Ounces/hour Ounce/hour oz/hr unit_oz_hr 121730.4817
Ounces/minute Ounce/minute oz/min unit_oz_min 2028.841362
Ounces/second Ounce/second oz/sec unit_oz_sec 33.8140227
Yards3/hour Yard3/hour cu yd/hr unit_yd3_hr 4.70862223
Yards3/minute Yard3/minute cu yd/min unit_yd3_min 0.078477037
Yards3/second Yard3/second cu yd/sec unit_yd3_sec 0.001307951
Source Code

Source code is available when you buy a Commercial licence.

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