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Quick Installation

The fastest way to start using the Latex Editor is to launch its popup window from your website.

To do this, you first need to load the 'http://latex.codecogs.com/editor3.js' script, then launch the editor using a javascript call to OpenLaTexEditor(...), e.g.,

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://latex.codecogs.com/editor3.js"></script>
<p><a href="javascript:OpenLatexEditor('testbox','html','')"> Launch CodeCogs Equation Editor </a></p>
<textarea id="testbox" rows="3" cols="40"></textarea>

The following examples use the approach above and vary values of type :


To support more languages, we need help from native speakers. The language template (English USA) is available here: Language Template.

Instructions for translating are at the top of the document, which you may submit to us at Email CodeCogs.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Please add your name to the credits line within the translation file.

OpenLatexEditor (target, type, language, inline, latex, design):

  • target: the id of the input box where the equation should be placed.
  • type: defines the output formatting for the equation:
    typeExample Output
    latex$1+sin(x)$ or \[1+sin(x)\]
    doxygen\f$1+sin(x)\f$ or \f[1+sin(x)\f]
    html<img src="http://www.codecogs.com/gif.latex?1+sin(x)" />
    pre<pre xml:lang="latex">1+sin(x)</pre>
  • language: defines the spoken language to use:
    nl-nlDutch (Nederlands)
    nl-beDutch Belgian
    en-usEnglish USA
    en-enEnglish British
    fr-frFrench (Fraçais)
    de-deGerman (Deutsch)
    el-elGreek (Έλληνας)
    lt-ltLithuanian (lietuvių kalba)
    hu-huHungarian (Magyar)
    it-itItalian (Italiano)
    ir-faPersian (Farsi)
    pl-plPolish (Polski)
    ro-roRomanian (Roman)
    ru-ruRussian (русский язык)
    es-esSpanish (Español)
    tr-trTurkish (Türkçe)
    uk-ukUkrainian (українець)
  • inline [true|false] (optional): pre-selects the 'inline' option within the editor.
  • latex (optional): loads the editor with initial latex code.
  • design (optional): loads the editor with a different design. See the design page for more information. If this parameter is not set, then the editor will start with previous loaded design.

If no language is specified, the system will try to guess the user's language based on browser settings.

Further Examples:

The following examples are started used the command shown:

Live Third Party Examples:

The site below has implemented this system. Please note that CodeCogs is not responsible for any content on this or any other site that may implement the system.