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About CodeCogs

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Tel: +44 (0) 20 7193 9303

Head Office:
Zyba Limited

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UK VAT Number:
891 5952 78

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CCell Renewables

CCell is working to make wave energy a compelling alternative to diesel generation.

This WebSite and our name 'Code Cogs' reflects three key ideas:

  • Providing core numerical ingredients need to build larger solutions, i.e. the numerical 'Cogs', which you'll find in our Library.
  • Delivering numerical software in the form and language you need, rather than what we prefer to write in.
  • Developing tools to simplify the creation and evaluation of mathematics, however it might be used.

Collectively, each part of CodeCogs is about reducing the complexity of numerical software and making technical solutions available to a widest possible audience. Science and Engineering does not need to be complex!

Gradually we are building a collection of World class tools that over time will interlink to form a powerful suite that we believe will significantly simply the creation of numerical software. Currently this includes:

  • The Worlds leading Online Equation Editor
    • Provides an interactive interface to the widely acclaimed LaTeX markup language, which produces fantastic looking equations.
    • Now supports output in MATHML format, the main standard being adopted by browsers and mathematical applications - except it vertically impossible to write MATHML freehand.
    • Allows equations to be Embedding into other website, forum or blogs and evern copied into most desktop applications.
  • fxRender
    • An Excel Add-in that allows plain text formulas to be converted into formatted equations.
    • Aids the documentation, debugging and testing of spread-sheets.
    • And a whole lore more...
  • An Open Source Numerical Library
    • A dynamic website that anyone can add code to and licence code on terms that suit them.
    • Written in C/C++ for performance and quality.
    • Export wrappers for Excel, Python, PHP, C#.
    • A self validating website, with Instant Calculators that allow components to be tested directly through the website.
    • An atomic code structure so users download only the code they need.
    • A reference library with fantastic worked solutions, helping users learn by example.

Our History - The motivation

Started in 2004, the site has been designed in response to problems that we (its creators) had in finding a well-documented and easily-navigable library of numerical C/C++ code that was also affordable. In particular we wanted high-quality software that can be used in both commercial environments (where it can be incorporated into proprietary software) and into open-source software systems. Furthermore, we wanted an 'automatic' system, that allowed users to both submit code on their terms and license (and download) other peoples software as they need it. This is in direct contrast to other numerical libraries.

Having built an initial library of C/C++ code, we now wanted to make the library as accessible as possible to a wide audience. For this reason we have introduced into CodeCogs Instant Calculators that allow most components on the website to be used through the site itself. Not only does this allow developers to test the underlying code, but for many users they can do all the calculations they need right through the website.

Over 2007, we started getting an increasing number of request from user wanting our Equation editor on their website. This was a system we developed to help us document our numerical pages, but clearly it had wider appeal. It soon became apparent that we we could allow anyone to use this system to create equations for their websites, forums and blogs. Today, the equation editor is used on well over 15000 website and we generate over 2 million equations a day.

Recognising the popularity of the equation editor, we turned our attention to Excel, which is another system where mathematical equations (or formulas) are central to the platform, yet we felt there was no nice way or easily view them in a natural form. This has led to the creation of fxRender.

We continue to inovate, but everything CodeCogs does involves mathematical equations, with our tools providing methods to visualise, manipulate and evaluate. Over this next year you'll see many more innovation that increasingly interlink our core products, and help Engineers and Scientists do more with less.

We greatly value your support and suggestions, so please contact us anytime.