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Licensing Policy

We have tried to keep the code distribution system as straightforward and easy to use as possible. However, there are a few points worth bearing in mind if you decide to use our site.

Common sense dictates (and we strongly suggest) that before relying on any pieces of code you downloaded from, you thoroughly test it with non-critical data. We take every precaution to provide bug free code and will never knowingly distribute code with undocumented defects that may result in any damage to your data or systems. However, neither Zyba Ltd ("") will be liable for any loss of data, damage, loss of profits or any other loss whilst using our code.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any code you download is fit for your intended purpose. To that end, we suggest whenever possible that you test each piece of code using the online Instant Calculators. This will enable you to full test it’s suitability on one independent machine, without make any financial commitment. Our commercial versions of the code are always identical, except for the replacement of the license agreement in the header of each distributed file.

For the purposes of clarity and avoiding doubt: Any piece of software, which builds upon software components supplied by is referred to as 'new work'.


We would like to encourage the free usage of software, according to our view of "share and share alike". This simply means that if you get something for free then you should let other have free access to your derivative products. Moreover we feel that it is unfair to charge (beyond a reasonable distribution fee) for something that you got for nothing. For this reason we have adopted two main licenses:

  1. GNU General Public Licence (GPL)
  2. CodeCogs Commercial Licence

The type of license that you require depends on your intended purpose. The following sections contain brief descriptions of the licences to help you decide which one applies to you. You should always read the full licence text before downloading any code from

GNU General Public License (GPL)

This licence is designed to make sure that you have the freedom to distribute copies of free software, receive the source code and/or obtain a copy of any relevant source code you need. Furthermore, it gives you the flexibility to change the software, or use pieces of it in new free programs. This license is summarised by the following points:

Examples where the free licence is sufficient: Commercial License

The Commercial License gives you greater freedom to create new software that you can distribute in any form you like, using any licensing policy you choose. Most critically, the commercial license allows you to distribute code without source code, helping you to retain both ownership and trade secrets.

There is only one significant restriction to the Commercial Licence:

Examples where you will require a Commercial License: