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Equation Editor

The World's #1 online equation editor for both LaTeX and MATHML. Features include:

  • Universal - add equations to websites, email, many desktop applications and portable devices.
  • WYSIWYG - plugins for all the major WYSIWYG editors.
  • Flexible - extend and customise to your personal needs. Integrate directly into your web apps, forums or blogs.
  • International - translated into most modern international languages.
  • Compliant - adheres to the international LaTeX and MATHML standards to produce beautiful equation every time.

fxRender ™

Formula Render is an addin for Microsoft Excel® that converts spreadsheet formulas into formated mathematical equations.

  • Documentation - use formatted equations to show the hidden logic of your calculations.
  • Find errors - check calculations with a structured view of your formulas.
  • Publish - copy the equation to PowerPoint, Word or your website.
  • Audit - present your calculations for review in a form that others can read and print.