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Sub levels below this category:

Error Fn Inv

Evaluates the inverse of the error function.
double errorFn_inv (double y)[inline]

Error Fn

The Error Function.
double errorFn (double x)

Error Fn C

The Complementary Error Function.
double errorFnC (double x)

Error Fn C Exp

The Exponential Complementary Error Function.
double errorFnC_exp (double x)[inline]

Fresnel Sin

Fresnel sin integral.
double fresnel_sin (double x)

Fresnel Cos

Fresnel cos integral.
double fresnel_cos (double x)

Sine Power Integral

Evaluates the sine power integral.
double sine_power_integral (double a, double b, int n)


Evaluates the Owen's T function.
double t (double h, double a)