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Summer Time Region

The summer time regions of the world and their start/end rules.


Calculates the start and end of summer time in the specified year and region.
void summerTime (int Year, double &StartDate, double &EndDate, summerTimeRegion Region)
bool summerTime (double nDate, summerTimeRegion Region)

Time HMS

Converts a fractional part of a serial Julian date and time into hours, minutes and seconds.
void timeHMS (double nTime, int &Hours, int &Minutes, int &Seconds)
void timeHMS (const char* Time, int &Hours, int &Minutes, int &Seconds)


Returns the current date and time as a serial Julian date and time. Excel: NOW
double now (summerTimeRegion Region=st_Local)


Returns the current hour from a serial Julian date and time. Excel: HOUR
int hour (double time)[inline]


Returns the current minute from a serial Julian date and time. Excel: MINUTE
int minute (double time)[inline]


Returns the current second from a serial Julian date and time. Excel: SECOND
int second (double time)[inline]

World Time Zone

Times zone offsets (from GMT) for key locations around the world.

World Time Diff

Returns the time offset between two world locations
double worldTimeDiff (worldTimeZone LocA, worldTimeZone LocB)[inline]


Calculates the number of minutes that the given region is offset from GMT
int GMTOffset ()


Calculates the time fraction from the parameters \b hours, \b minutes and \b seconds. Excel: TIME
double time (int Hours, int Minutes, int Seconds)[inline]