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kynes\′s Photo
13 Nov 10, 12:26AM
I am developing LAMS application and we have recently switched to CKEditor 3.x. We've been using Equation plugin for a previous version of FCKEditor and it was working fine. The plugin nodmonkey created was a great start in rewriting the plugin for 3.x version, but some modifications were required. See the script: It allows to double click and edit an existing Equation image, parsing the formula correctly. Unfortunately, there are bugs that need to be fixed on CodeCogs side (?) to make it work properly.

1. Choosing "Colours..." gives you error "insertText is not defined". Should be EqEditor.insert()?

2. Choosing "Functions..." gives you error "EqEditor.insertText is not a function". Should be also EqEditor.insert()?

3. When editing an existing equation, the update() function is not well defined
update : function(text)
		if (text.length == 0) {
			alert(FCKLang.EquationErrNoEqn) ;
			return false;
		if ( eSelected && eSelected._fckequation == text )
			return true;

It should have FCKEquation and eSelected set up from oEditor, just like load() function.

As we want to deploy the plugin soon and changes are rather minor, I would really appreciate a quick reaction.

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