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Pure HTML with equations plugin for FCK Editor

raulsv\′s Photo
6 Apr 11, 6:14AM
(3 replies)
Pure HTML with equations plugin for FCK Editor

We have installed your Equation Editor plugin in our FCKEditor following the instructions of the page:


We can only generate math expressions images, but we would like to generate math expressions in pure html tags, without any reference to external images. Is it possible?

CodeCogs\′s Photo
6 Apr 11, 10:26AM
Hi, When the editor is loaded you can specify different output formats, i.e. for latex etc.

However, there is currently no way to express equations using pure html except through javascript tools like jsmath. We're developing a solution that will provide this capability, but even then it will be reliant on external images for integral symbols etc.

Unfortunately MATHML support isn't fully standard across all browsers, though ultimately this will achieve what you need.
raulsv\′s Photo
7 Apr 11, 11:25AM
Thank you for the answer
Melchi\′s Photo
15 Apr 18, 6:03PM
How are you? And how can we specify those different output formats please?
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