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Undefined error in pop-up widow with FCK Editor

fhafiz\′s Photo
24 Jun 11, 7:09AM
(3 replies)
Undefined error in pop-up widow with FCK Editor
Hi, I am experiencing some problems with integration of Equation Editor into FCK Editor. Rest of integration worked like a charm. The only issue is with the editor window which pops up when equation editor icon is clicked. I get 'undefined' message in the editor rather than the 'Type your equation in this box'. I am running windows 2008 server running .net 3.5 with master pages and using the latest FCK editor version.


Any help with solving this problem is much appreciated.

CodeCogs\′s Photo
24 Jun 11, 8:21AM

What browser are you using?

This appears to be a Javascript error. When the editor loads its looking to see if you're editing an existing equation. If so then the equation would appear in the panel above. What's failing is our ability to identify this - so at the moment I think this is bug rather than anything to do with the way you've implemented it.

I assume that if you delete undefined and write a new equation, that its inserted into FCK correctly?


fhafiz\′s Photo
24 Jun 11, 9:08AM
Hi, thanks for your quick reply.

I have tested it in IE7,8,9, FF4, chrome. Please note all examples work fine on all these browsers. Yes, I can delete 'undefined' and use the editor just fine but would really like to solve this problem.

I have noticed that 'undefined' doesn't appear when editing an equation. The difference in url is the querystring where latex is added to the end with 'undefined' even when menu icon is clicked to insert a new equation, see below



whereas on clicking the menu icon on one of your examples produces http://latex.codecogs.com/editor_json3.php?type=url&editor=FCKEditor&lang=en

Hope this helps.

CodeCogs\′s Photo
24 Jun 11, 11:04AM
This is very interesting bug. Unfortunately I'm unable to replicate it.

Is there a URL for your site that we can visit that demonstrates this?

If you don't yet want this in the public domain, you can email me personally using


I'll respond as soon as possible.
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