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Problem with ax>b

kreut\′s Photo
19 Jul 11, 11:06PM
(3 replies)
Problem with ax>b

I've been using Codecogs a bit and think that it's fantastic! However, I have one weird bug that I'm not quite sure how to fix. If you go to:


you'll notice that "ax>b" is rendered as "a?b". Any help in fixing this issue would be appreciated.

Thanks so much,


CodeCogs\′s Photo
19 Jul 11, 11:27PM

Thanks for reporting this very interesting error with latexit.js. The error seems to be caused when we deliver scalable svg graphic of the equation, which for some reason doesn't translate this one particular equation 'ax>b'. Interestingly any other variant seems to work.

A simple work around is to add a space after the 'x' and before '>', i.e.
$ax >b$

Once this is fixed you shouldn't need to change anything yourself.

CodeCogs\′s Photo
19 Jul 11, 11:30PM
The problem has just been fixed. You just need to refresh your browser and or delete browser images.
kreut\′s Photo
19 Jul 11, 11:42PM
Wow! I'm blown away by how quickly this was taken care of.

Thanks so much for your help and have a great day.

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