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Problem with Firefox???

kreut\′s Photo
8 Aug 11, 11:09PM
(4 replies)
Problem with Firefox???

I'm using the equation editor along with latexit.js to speed up writing equations on my site. It looks great on IE and Safari but just noticed that none of my formulas are rendering on Firefox (yikes!). Is there any Firefox bug that is lurking in the background? You can see this in action at:



Eric Eric
CodeCogs\′s Photo
8 Aug 11, 11:51PM

We'll look into this bug tomorrow. Firefox used to work well, but the latest versions seem to cause problems.

CodeCogs\′s Photo
9 Aug 11, 7:14PM

We've turned off support for SVG graphics format. So everything is rendered as a GIF. This is far from ideal, especially given that most good modern browsers can handle scalable fonts. However these can also handle MATHML, which is generally a much better approach to placing a graphic on a page.

We're upgrading latexit, so it uses a range of options, depending upon what the browser will support. This won't happen immediately, so in the mean time its better that you can at least create equations.

It you want to download latexit.js with this patch, then its available here:
kreut\′s Photo
9 Aug 11, 9:40PM
I very much appreciate the quick response and temporary solution....works like a charm now!

Thank you,

mmannuell\′s Photo
15 Mar 13, 8:11PM
There is another important bug in firefox. If you insert a latex formula within the html code (using the dollar symbol), all of the text after the formula desappears. Take a look at this page:


In the examples of the subsection about the latex tags all the text after the latex formulas is missing.
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