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CK Editor Update

CodeCogs\′s Photo
26 May 13, 6:14AM
CK Editor Update
We've released a small update to our CK Editor plugin, that corrects a mistake that prevented users from editing existing equations.

The changes to the code is very small. This line 110 the line:
createEqnDefinition.exec(null, sName[2]);
should be
createEqnDefinition.exec(this, sName[2]);

So that complete function that uses this call looks like:
editor.on( 'doubleclick', function(evt) 
  var element = evt.data.element;
  if (element && element.is('img')) 
    var sName = element.getAttribute('src').match( /(gif|svg).latex?(.*)/ );
      createEqnDefinition.exec(this, sName[2]);	
      evt.cancelBubble = true; 
      evt.returnValue = false;
}, null, null, 1);
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