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New CKEditor plugin

CodeCogs\′s Photo
14 Jun 13, 12:22PM
(2 replies)
New CKEditor plugin
We've just released a new Equation Editor plugin for version 4 of CK Editor, which use the CKEditor Dialog window to create a true integration between out editor and the CK Editor, with significantly faster load times.

See if in action here: http://www.codecogs.com/latex/integration/ckeditor_v4/install.php

Upgrades to our CKEditor version 3 will be along shortly.
cmdomicile\′s Photo
10 Mar 14, 9:48AM
Hi, It works fine on my PC (great tool !), but not on my wife's : some part of the window are lacking (where buttons like "clear, examples..." should appear). Quite the same configuration on the 2 PC although : Win7, recent versions of Firefox,IE or Google chrome... Do you have any idea ? Thanks a lot.

purusadh\′s Photo
16 Apr 19, 7:37AM
Is there any plugins or npm for CK-editor5, i want to use it with Angular.
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