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fxRender v4.1.0.1 (beta) - Essential upgrade

CodeCogs\′s Photo
25 Aug 14, 5:36PM
(2 replies)
fxRender v4.1.0.1 (beta) - Essential upgrade
This is a bug release, that correctly added brackets around sub-parts of an equation.
bosko\′s Photo
26 Aug 14, 7:17AM
Thanks Guys!

I've downloaded version

After install, I open excel again and go to "About" and see that it is still version

I also note that the file size is exactly the same between and (525,880 bytes)
bosko\′s Photo
28 Aug 14, 8:07AM

It updated correctly after I downloaded the fxRender 64bit link from the "Advanced Installation" section...

Thank you!
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