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Unable to extract the image of an equation

Debajit1\′s Photo
17 Sep 15, 5:51AM
(1 reply)
Unable to extract the image of an equation

I tried to compose an equation in CK Editor and here it looks like
  • "https://latex.codecogs.com/gif.latex?%5Cdpi%7B80%7D%20%5Csmall%20%5Cvartheta%20%28%5Caa%29%20+%201" in encrypted form.
Here "plus" is coming explicitly in browser and also in the extracted image, but I am expecting + as a symbol.

My intention is to extract this as an image using curl. Any clue what is wrong here in my approach.
  • Debajit
CodeCogs\′s Photo
18 Oct 15, 2:27PM
This has been fixed. Thanks for altering us to this problem.
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