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jobardu\′s Photo
23 Oct 15, 7:29PM
(1 reply)
Hi Will: You mention in the above post that you have dropped support for Excel.

I read previously about how to install a module from CodeCogs to Excel by downloading the extension and then navigating to the Add-Ins option and choosing the extension to activate it in Excel. This is a very attractive and useful function of the library and one that many users, especially non-developers, would find useful.

Does your message mean that this is no longer possible? If so, is there a plan to reincorporate Excel add-in functionality?


CodeCogs\′s Photo
25 Oct 15, 2:37PM

I fully agree. And its a feature we need to get back to. However, integration of Add-ins with Excel is no long as simple as it once was. Also we need to improve the way that we manage these addins, moving to a system whereby you install one plugin (perhaps even our fxRender program) and from within that you can install any other functionality from the CodeCogs library.

We're hoping to get back on track with this within the next 6 months - but we've only a small team of developers and a long list of things to do.. However, thanks for your vote on this functionality. I'll do what I can to push it up the development pathway.

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