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About the plugin

dcabane\′s Photo
29 Apr 17, 2:00AM
(4 replies)
About the plugin

First of all, thanks a lot for the plugin ! I am using it on a math quizz website and it is veeeeery helpful ! Sadly, I also have a couple of issues I would like to share with you guys, hope you can help me out :
  • First, when I type a formula, it comes aligned with the bottom of the text. This makes fractions (and other "tall" formulas) look a bit weird. Would it be possible to set the formula image aligned in the middle by default ?
  • Second, I've been getting errors recently when using this plugin :when I include a formula, the image appears but if I try to select it, I get an error "Uncaught DOMException:Failed to execute 'seBaseAndExtent' on 'Selection': There is no child at offset 1."

Would you be able to help me out with this ? Thanks again !
CodeCogs\′s Photo
30 Apr 17, 7:16AM

Generally image alignment with the surround text is a pain. Because from a simple image we've no way of knowing what offset to apply to the image. A solution that was suggest some time ago was that we should add white space above or below the main equation image, so the baseline is always in the centre. You can then easily move the image accordingly using a simple bit of javascript. This however means even a basic image, say would now be twice the size and all image would have to be aligned to prevent them looking ridiculous. But I do think we should make this an option at least.

Our current solution is that you make a slightly different request for a json object using http://latex.codecogs.com/json.latex? which will return to you the offset and a hard link to the equation image. You then have to parse the json object and adjust the image as you require. The negative to this approach is you have to make two requests to our service for each image.

I'm unsure what the second error is. Would you be able to send us a sample html page demonstrating how you've set up the code so we can repeat the problem. You can send this through to us using support at codecogs dot com.

dcabane\′s Photo
11 May 17, 10:47AM

Thank you for your reply and sorry about mine being so late ! Actually, for the first problem (formula alignment) I just solve it by giving the image the css property 'vertical-align' : 'middle' (I made a shortcut in the tinymce menu). I just wanted to know if it was possible to give this property by default instead of adding it manually for each formula. The second problem has changed a bit over the last few weeks. For some time, the bug disappeared completely and everything was working fine. Then for a while, the whole plugin couldn't connect to your servers (connection timed out) and nothing was working. Then finally, this week, it cam back to the original bug (interface working but selecting the image generated throws an error). I am not a very skilled programmer and I'm afraid I am not able to send you a sample html page. I can however create an account for you to access my website where you could test the plugin. Would you agree to do that ? Thanks again ! Daniel
dcabane\′s Photo
18 May 17, 10:35AM
Hello again, My second problem has been fixed. It was actually a tinymce bug which was patched recently :)
emelyanovmax\′s Photo
10 Jul 17, 4:56AM
Hi, thanks for very useful plugin. I have one question: can I save the image in png format? So I saw that your web version has an option where I can select the format I need. But in tinymce I can't see it
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