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fxRender v5 Release Candidate

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19 May 19, 8:26PM
fxRender v5 Release Candidate
We've been working slowing on a completely new version of fxRender v5.

A release candidate is now available for trial at http://fxrender.codecogs.com

Key features of this release:
  • a cleaner and simpler interface.
  • a completely rewritten rendering engine, producing better looking equations; Now works across a wide range of fonts and accepts a wide range of LaTeX commands; and can output to a wide range of graphics formats (a feature to come).
  • minor improvement to the recognition of Excel Formulas and subsequent rendering
  • new customisation, which allows you to adjust most properties of the rendered equations to suit your needs. In fact we've completely overhauled all the preferences and configuration.
  • improved equation layout in Excel 2013 (v15) and Excel 2016 (v16).
  • a simplified installation process, with automatic updates - hopefully everyone will be able to install it without issue.
  • an entirely new website, with new documentation. Tutorials etc to come.

Features removed:
  • Delete all button take out. Now usr 'Ctrl' + delete button to get the same action
  • Removed support for older version of Excel. In particular Excel 2003 and 2007 (its 12 years old !)
  • Rendering of equations using CodeCogs Equation Editor rendering engine. We can bring this back if there is sufficient demand, but we felt it
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