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could not load the latex img

sugu\′s Photo
23 Mar 20, 11:49AM
(4 replies)
could not load the latex img
When I use it on android webview, it could not load the latex img. It just return the alt attribute only. Can you explain me why?
trammell41\′s Photo
25 Mar 20, 2:30PM
I could not load image to my form :-( I am a teacher who is teaching remotely because of the current pandemic. Please, it is imperative that you fix this for me. Thank you!
CodeCogs\′s Photo
1 May 20, 6:54PM

We've been making a major update to the service. The first phase is now complete so you should find the system is substantially faster and more reliable then ever before. We'll continue to make minor adjustments over the next few weeks and continue vigorous testing. Unfortunately the only way we were able to full test the new system was by bringing over the live platform in bursts to see how the new platform would handle the load.

All the best Codecogs
sugu\′s Photo
1 May 20, 9:18PM
Thanks for the update, it load faster than before. But it doesnt fix my problem yet. When I load the latex img on android webview, it still return only alt text like this sum frac{6 partial }{5 partial x}. And it happen only in android webview. Do you have any solution for this? Thanks
CodeCogs\′s Photo
1 May 20, 11:07PM
HI, I'm not familiar with webview and its limitations. Searching online I came across this page http://https://github.com/react-native-community/react-native-webview/issues/118.

In particular do you set: mixedContentMode="compatibility"

Can you also try some other alternatives:
  • Use SVG image, my replacing https://gif.latex?.... with https://svg.latex?....
  • Paste a base64 version of the code into webview. You can get a json string with the base64 encoding with https://gif.json?.... request. Separate our the image form the other data we send and drop this into webview, using this approach http://https://gist.github.com/lovelycateyes/1985549. I THINK !

Good luck and let us know what works. CodeCogs.
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