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API Appearence

ForoIngenieriaSonido\′s Photo
26 Mar 20, 12:16AM
(1 reply)
API Appearence
Hey Code Cogs, what's up!

Thanks for this great API, I already love it. I would like to ask you, is there a way to get the bar broader? I'm implementing this as a widget and I would like it to consume the least width space possible. Also, there are some of the buttons that i'm not interested in, and could be removed for a more practical approach to my Forum. I'm an engineering student and I made a forum for all my career's students. You can check my website out:


Thanks so much, we are all very grateful of your work.
ForoIngenieriaSonido\′s Photo
26 Mar 20, 9:32PM
Oh sorry for my stupid request. I just found you provided a whole system for designing the toolbar. I already made the changes myself. Thanks anyways
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