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API language setup

ForoIngenieriaSonido\′s Photo
27 Mar 20, 9:56AM
(2 replies)
API language setup
Hi, I'm having trouble getting the language setup right.

I'm calling the toolbar with a custom design, stated like this:


And the fourth argument, as it's seen, is 'es-es' which corresponds to spanish. Yet the toolbar still loads in english. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!
ForoIngenieriaSonido\′s Photo
27 Mar 20, 9:58AM
Also is there any way to customize the default values? What I would mostly like to change is the dpi setting, so that when anybody writes an equation it's already set in a higher resolution (like 200 dpi or so). Thanks.
CodeCogs\′s Photo
1 May 20, 6:54PM
This is a feature that will be included as standard in the new editor that we'll launch towards the end of May.
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