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CodeCogs\′s Photo
1 May 20, 10:46PM

This problem has now been fixed. The error arises with the use of the %. Technically within latex you cannot just use '%' you have to put a backslash before this, creating '\%'. Given that I can not envisage any situation where someone needs to use the % without the proceeding backslash; we now add this automatically.

However, there is another problem that we must address also. The % symbol is also used in URL encoding. For example '%45' is the letter 'E'. Our backend system assumes URL encoding has been applied, however if the front end application hasn't URL encoding the string before sending it to our backend service then we may inadvertently decode something that hadn't previously been encoded. We therefore decode any sequence that contains %## where # are both hexadecimal values, otherwise we assume they are unrelated and process them as above.

Hope this works for you now

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