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Add tag + label from amsmath

yush_asks\′s Photo
27 May 20, 7:44AM
(3 replies)
Add tag + label from amsmath
Would be great to enable tag and label command.
CodeCogs\′s Photo
27 May 20, 9:19AM
I assume you are referring to
\tagx[name={eq ***}, label=foo]

Don't these apply to the use of equations within a broader document. Our service is focussed currently on just the equation not the text around them. Do I'm not sure how we could integrate this.
yush_asks\′s Photo
27 May 20, 8:19PM
No, I'm talking about the latex equation command. For instance,

Should render as the equation with a (1) on the far right. The tagx command is not part of amsmath it seems.
yush_asks\′s Photo
11 Aug 20, 6:47PM
And I'm talking about the tag{eqnno} command, not tagx. Would be great to address this
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