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Fix {align} environment

yush_asks\′s Photo
27 May 20, 7:44AM
(3 replies)
Fix {align} environment
Align* works fine but the labels in align are incorrectly placed on the next line instead of the end of the same line
CodeCogs\′s Photo
27 May 20, 9:15AM
Can you post an example of the LaTeX you are using here. Put this inside a code block so it appears nicely, i.e. \begin{code} .. \end{code}
yush_asks\′s Photo
27 May 20, 8:27PM
\ begin {align}


\ end {align}

Added spaces to the commands so it doesn't disappear in the forum.

You'll notice rendering this puts the (1) on the next line, not the end of the same line.
yush_asks\′s Photo
11 Aug 20, 6:46PM
@codecogs hello? can we get a resolution on this
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