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The CodeCogs Equation Editor can be can be used in a wide range of circumstances to create beautifully formatted mathematical equations in either LaTeX or MATHML. The service has been carefully optimised over the last 6 years and is known for its reliability. It has been thoroughly tested by millions of users and generates millions equations every day for thousands of websites - making it the world's #1 online editor.

The editor comes in two core flavours:

  • Standalone Editor - This is primarily used to create equations that are then copied into any third-party system, including other websites, blogs, email programs, and desktop applications. Open Standalone Editor »
  • Integrated Editor - This is designed to be physically integrated within a websites, allowing your users to create equations without leaving your website. There are two approaches to integrating the editor: either as a popup that can be activated from a button on your site, or as an object embedded directly a page. A range of plugins for popular editors are also available, e.g. CK Editor, Tiny MCE.

For both variants of the editor, the layout can be customised to deliver only the dropdown panels you need and in any order you choose. Read more »

Licenses that provide more direct control or for use within a private network are also available. Commercial Support is available and please check our forum for common questions and answers.


Full Panel Range (Click to open Standalone Equation Editor)