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Rosin Rammler

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Rosin-Rammler cumulative distribution
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Rosin CDF

doubleD )
The Rosin-Rammler distribution is frequently used to describe the particle size distribution of powers of various types and sizes. The function is particularyly suited to representing particles generated by grinding, milling and crushing operations. The conventional Rosin-Rammler function is described by where R is the retained weight fraction of particles with a diameter greater than D, D is the particle size and \inline D_m is the mean particle size, and n is a measure of the spread of particle sizes.

The Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) is therefore

As an additional note, the PDF is:

There is an error with your graph parameters for Rosin_CDF with options Dm=0.1e-3 n=2 D=0:0.3e-3

Error Message:Function Rosin_CDF failed. Ensure that: Invalid C++

If you have observed data, then a least square regression analysis can used to fit the data points.


K.M. Djamarani and I.M. Clark, 1997. Powder Technology, Elsevier Science. 93, No 2, pp. 101-108(8)


Dmmean particle diameter
nmeasure of the spread of particle sizes
Dparticle size


Will Bateman (2006)
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