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detect comments

Finds the end of a C/C++ comment, if it exists at the current location within a string
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Detect Comments

intdetect_commentsconst char*str
intstr_len )
This function looks for the existance of a C or C++ style comment, which starts with either "//" or "/*". Upon find either of these comment types, the function will then find the corresponding end to the comment.

There are two C/C++ comments:
  • "/*" is known as a block comment and end always with a "*/". If comments are nested, this function will find the closing "*\/" that corresponds to the initial bracket, skipping over intermediate comments.
  • "//" is known as a single line comment. The end is merely the end of the line.


strThis is the input string, with text that needs analysing.
offsetThe location within str to search for the start of a comment. If no comment is found at str[offset] then offset is returned.
str_lenThe length of the str to search. If you are unsure use strlen(str).
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