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Conversion Factors

A list of the most common conversion factors from the Imperial the MKS system of measurements
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The following table shows the conversion factors for many of the units used in Engineering

<iframe src="http://www.codecogs.com/ic-269&u=3" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="235" height="198"></iframe>
To Convert Multiply by Reciprocal
Radian to degrees 57.30 0.01745
Inches to metres 0.0254 39.37
Yards to metres 0.9144 1.094
Miles/hour to metres/second 0.447 2.237
Pounds to kilograms 0.4536 2.205
Pounds (force) to newtons 4.45 0.225
Kilograms (force) to newtons 9.81 0.1019
Newton-metres to lb ft 0.738 1.355
Newton-metres to g.cm 1.019x104 9.81x10-5
Horsepower to ft.lb/min 33,000 3.031x10-5
Horsepower to kilowatts 0.746 1.341
Therms to Btu 100,000 10-5
Btu to kilogram-calories 0.252 3.97
Btu to kWh 2.934x10-4 3409
Ft.lb to Btu to joules 1.356 0.7374
Kilogram-calories to joules 4187 2.388x10-4
Joules to kWh 0.2778z10-6 3,600,000

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